Programs that deserve to be installed on your mobile phone

I suppose you already know about Foursquare (comments for coffee shops, bars e.t.c.), Skype, Facebook, soundhound (discover the song that you currently listen), shazam (same as soundhound) e.t.c.

The list with games are at the bottom of the page.

Internet Radio

If you have a phone with plenty of RAM (1G of RAM) maybe you like TuneIn Radio. If you have small ram try MR recorder which also record the stream. In my case was buggy and with lags.
Another on buggy app with problematic GUI - have patience - but ideal for recording the stream with "auto-naming" is StreamGetter.

Very good app is spotify. You listen music from play-lists. I recommend to create yours. The music is streaming from the Internet but cached to your phone. Better to use it with tablet, on phones the play-list is playing at random.

Music players

If you organized your music collection in folders EZ folder Player is a great player. Advanced users with DLNA server maybe they want the BubbleUPNP.


In reality I didn't like any. Try Android Download Manager.


Color Notes. The greatest note-keeper. Auto-backup, password locked / encrypted and fully configurable. Just used it!

Google Keep, for note-keeping in the cloud of Google. You also have access with your computer via Internet.

QuickOffice. A gem program from Google for office documents. May you also like the on line versions docs / sheet, like Google Keep. I think - in comparison - other office programs are useless. For files on the cloud you can use Google Drive. Same as dropbox.

Image editors

Photo Editor, it is very good. You may also want a companion: Aviary.

Browser for data compression (useful for mobile data)

If you browse with mobile data instead of wifi maybe you want to compress the data to use much less Mbytes. Try opera.

File managers

Open Intents file manager. Zarchiver, file compressor / decompressor.


CSipSimple. Nice integration with record calling.


The only (?) program that renders .sub/.idx subtitles: VLC. If you have a smart TV or a PS3 try YouTube Remote.

Timer (stopwatches)

This program is so great for racing maniacs. Even outside a race track it's a great logger. RaceChrono.

Multiple Stopwatch.


Difficult to master, but it helps. The mighty osmand. More user-friendly is skobbler (it requires Internet or 1€ for offline usage) and MapFactor. For every program you have to download maps and other data like speech.

Bluetooth GPS (if you have external GPS receiver).


Geotagging is when we record our path. The tracks of Google is very good. In conjugation with Google Earth, try the play button - better with same track in different day! For raw data use nmea recorder. You may want to transform the nmea data in gps. In Linux I use the gpsbabel.

Thief protection

Android Lost. Find your stolen phone. The phone must have access to wifi or mobile data. Remember to activate it in device manager. Settings > Security > device administrators.

Task killer

BKTaskManager. Clean Master is the popular task killer but I think it's overloaded with permissions (read contacts), so I prefer BKTaskManager.

I like to disable auto lock, and I manually lock the phone. I use Screen Lock Widget.


Led Flashlight. It requires active screen. It shutdown if the screen is inactive (I suppose a bug on Android). Preinstalled Torch in cyanogenmod is the best solution.

Alarm, monitor

You want to monitor your baby / child activity? Try BabyMonitor and Free Baby Monitor.

Hacker Stuff

FTP / SFTP client. View Web Source, ssh client, VPN, tough to master but it works: rsync.


If you don't have spellchecker in your language or you want a more versatile keyboard you can install hacker's keyboard with a language pack. Example for Greek spellchecker.


Distinctive game with great ambient (?) music is Osmos (demo). Buy It.

The only game that I hooked so much. I master it in one day to the finish in desktop computer. I don't know if it is suitable for touch in mobile phone. I suppose it's better on tablet. World of Goo (demo), Buy IT.

I didn't have much time for that, but it looks good. Pocket Rally lite. Many people have complaints about the control. The game is fine, the problem is probably on your sensors. Cheap phones have cheap sensors! Buy it.

I bought this game. Hard to master, but enjoyable. Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory (demo). Very good multiplayer. You have to progress in game to have a better airplane in multiplayer. If you want modern air-crafts, try Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy. Not tested.

Played on iOS, but I hope also in android will be fascinating: Real Racing 3.

I had played a demo and I liked. Strategy game. Total War Battles.

21 Oct 2014: rough translation from greek.
3 Feb 2015: some spell-checking.

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