Using Radias with Linux

Radias usb (midi) is recognized by Linux automagically as two midi devices. Midi 1 device is the physical port midi out (you can use Radias as midi interface) and midi 2 is the virtual midi port of Radias.

The patches of Radias are distributed via .rdl files instead of sysex (system exclusive data). You need to run a windows program via wine to load the patches to Radias. To my knowledge only the KORG sound editor can handle .rdl files. Wine can install and run without problem the Radias Sound Editor. Tested with Slackware-13.1 + wine-1.2.1 Otherwise you can communicate with Radias traditionaly via sysex, but it takes a lot of time.

What you need

  1. Linux distribution
  2. install wine
  3. usb cable to connect radias with your computer

Setup Radias sound editor

You need to connect the application with Radias Midi 2 not Midi 1. You are ready to send or receive patches. This is much faster than sending sysex data. You also have the benefit to send or to receive only on patch.

Midi 1

Midi 1 is the physical midi port of Radias. You can use the Radias as - expensive - midi interface (yeah) via jack.

Jul 2011
Aug 2011: Small corrections.
Aug 2013: Sysex

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