OpenOffice-3.3.0 and base speed

In case you using OpenOffice-3.3.0 for base you probably experience slow performance. In my system (Slackware-14.0) I have fast response with Java-1.6u22 (or JRE Java 6 update 22) and slow with latest 1.7 (java 7).
Download this old version of java from here. You may need to create a free account :(

Installation of old jre

Extract the jre with command line in your folder mkdir ~/bin; cd ~/bin sh ~/Downloads/jre-6u22-linux-i586.bin

OpenOffice > Tools > JAVA add select ~/bin/jre1.6.0_22
Restart openoffice. Base should be fast now.

The solution is user-wide not system-wide.

20 Nov 2012
Jan-2015: With OpenOffice-4.1.1 I have good speed with jre-1.8.0_25

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