Samsung LT24B350EW it's not a HD TV and not a proper LED panel

I purchased the monitor-TV LT24B350EW with 223€ and I realised that it's not a HD TV. Allthough it plays HD content from usb, VGA (I suppose also from HDMI) and it has HD panel (1920x1080 pixels) the TV receiver is not a HD receiver. Very dissapointing, since it does not mention this in the specifications.

To verify the problem I wrote to a USB this HD logo (kudos to samygo). You can see a detail here from a HD television (with HD receiver) also from Samsung, but from UE series. You can observe the pixel-by-pixel detail.
Clear HD logo from Samsung UE series

In contrast the logo from LT TV receiver is blurry (non HD) although the channel transmits HD content.
SD logo from Samsung LT series

The same logo in LT series but from USB (HD content). You can observe the pixel-by-pixel detail.
Clear HD logo from Samsung LT series

Basic error from Samsung regarding the advertised specifications. Also the picture quality is bad. The black is grey/brown. The quality it's not like a LED screen but like old LCD. I have the IBM ThinkVision L170 monitor and the quality picture on the old IBM monitor is better although it's a-non LED-LCD.

As a monitor, the sharpness is perfect on one-side and blurry on the other side. I tried to modify phase and to auto-audjust the panel with insignificant results.


Unless you don't care about picture quality or you want to spend less money, don't consider LT series, I think it's better to buy a UE series Samsung.

Samsung Specifications

Samsung does not mention in specifications about the non-HD tv receiver (page 42).

Alltough most people worldwide support that Apple is pure marketing (I totally disagree), I see that Samsung advertises products inferior to specs. Not the first time (1), (2). Totally %$#^$^&$

18-Apr-2014, not the first time mr. Samsung. Samygo link

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